Camp Grizzly is located at Camp Ronald McDonald, a fully accessible ACA approved camp facility at Eagle Lake, Susanville, California in Lassen County, 3 hours northeast of Sacramento. Located at: Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake, Gallatin Rd, Susanville, CA 96130

Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake

Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake provides residential summer camping experiences for both children and adults with disabilities and/or disadvantages. Located on beautiful Eagle Lake in Northern California, the camp programs are adapted to meet the individual needs of each participant. Camp staff are experienced and well-trained specialists in the fields of drama, arts and crafts, outdoor education, nutrition education, sports, and waterfront activities.

Eagle Lake History & Geology

The Lake and its immediate drainage are located in a high semi-arid plateau characterized by basaltic lava flows, volcanoes, and cinder cones. Some of the lava flows are fairly recent, having occurred not more than a few centuries ago. The higher western portion of the drainage basin consists mainly of volcanic mountains that form the east flank of the Cascade Range.  The Lake is irregular in outline, the main axis extending in a north-south direction for 13 miles. It varies in width from one-half mile to four miles and is divided into three sections connected by channels. The northern section averages six feet in depth; the middle section has an average depth of ten feet; and the southern section reaches a maximum depth of 92 feet.  Eagle Lake is well known for its fish and wildlife. Around its shores are located one of the last colonies of nesting osprey and the largest nesting colony of western and eared grebes in the western United States. It is the home of the Eagle Lake Trout which are native only to Eagle Lake.