- From our Camp Program Manager -

Welcome To Camp Grizzly!

A camp is rarely found anywhere that shares the same life experiences, cultural values and language if you are Deaf, hard of hearing or kid of a Deaf adult (koda). For many of our campers, this may be the only time of the year, or even in their lives, where they are allowed to be who they are in this moment in time--a moment in time when all of who they are as individuals is recognized, celebrated, and promoted. It is a privilege to serve and mentor these special individuals. Camp may be only for one week, but a week that can change a life. My favorite quote is “Camp is where I learned about me; facing fears, trying new things, pushing my boundaries and accepting myself”. No better place than with your friends at Camp Grizzly.
- Camp Grizzly Staff -

Meet Our Camp Leaders

Molly Bowen
Program Leader
Cheryl Bella
Program Leader
Pam Meadows
Staff Photographer

I had lots of fun and didn’t want to leave. I love to catch up with old friends and make new ones!
It was the best summer camp ever! I had great time here and have met a lot of new friends! I’ll be back!
The activities were so much fun all week!
Brittany Birchell11 y.o.
Clarence Smith19 y.o.
Ashley Somers16 y.o.